Tired, swollen legs? Book now for some leg-reviving Lymph Drainage

Lymph Drainage

Let me spoil you with a holistic treatment including light swedish massage, lymph drainage, reflexology and aromatherapy, designed not only to help your body, but also your mind and spirit:

  • pre- and post- operative;
  • during pregnancy;
  • before a long journey;
  • after a minor injury;
  • for extreme relaxation.

With specialist training in lymph drainage from the Vodder Akademie in Austria, I am also qualified to offer you a COMBINED DECONGESTIVE THERAPY, a special 4-part therapy to help with lymphoedema and post-operative swelling and discomfort.

So whether you are after something for the body or the mind/body/spirit, book an appointment today and feel the difference it makes to your quality of life.

(Please note that for combined decongestive therapy you must first book a lymph drainage initial consultation.)


What is Combined Decongestive Therapy?

Manual Lymph Drainage

manual lymph drainage

A special skin technique which encourages the lymph to flow to the lymph nodes and so rid the body of unwanted 'toxins' and fluid.  In the case of secondary lymphoedema, the lymph will be encouraged to flow into the nearest available lymph nodes (which may not be the usual direction of flow).  Please contact me for clarification.

+ Bandage/Compression Garment

2 women with bandage and compression sleeve

Lymph Drainage is not a stand alone treatment.  It will be necessary to wear a bandage between treatments until the swelling has receded (left in the picture).  Once at a stable level, the bandage can be replaced with a compression garment (right in the picture).  

+ Exercise

2 women walking in nature

We need to get that lymph moving, so to make that happen, WE have to get moving.  A daily plan of light to moderate exercise will be devised for you.  The most important thing?  - to do the exercise while wearing the bandage/compression garment.  The how's and why's will be explained to you during your first treatment.

+ Skin Care

skin cream on leg

Looking after the skin on your body is a very important part of keeping healthy, especially if there is any swelling or oedema present.  There tends to be a higher rate of skin problems in people with oedema, so personal hygiene is of paramount importance along with the appropriate moisturising products.  Any cuts or abrasions must be disinfected as soon as possible.